Sunday, 22 January 2012

Glam your Tweezers!

Browsing through ASOS the other day I came across these pretty glittery tweezers from well known brand Tweezerman.

They come in at £26.00, an amount I just don't have lying around just after Christmas. I swear by Tweezerman. I've had a pair of them for years and the are still going strong.

So I decided to D.I.Y myself a pair of glitzy Tweezerman!!

I used a glittery nail varnish from Claires Accessories that came in a £2.50.

Doing this reminded me of when I was younger and I thought it was cool to cover my T.V remote in glittery nail varnishes and then everything else in sight.. including school rulers and pens etc... etc... the list could go on. Did anyone else do this?? Just me? 

Anyway, my Tweezermans started off looking like this...

And ended up looking like this!

Such a cheap and easy way to glam up your old tweezers!! Give it a go =)!

Until next time! xx 


  1. I did the nail varnish thing too! lol. Might have to try this! Love the effect!

  2. I used 2 paint everything in nail varnish too, b4 mobile phones were so modern i painted my mobile in nail varnish lol good idea here :)