Tuesday, 17 January 2012


Often, when I have a day off I love to bake! Especially cup cakes :). Recently I've been noticing that whoopie pies are becoming increasingly popular. So I thought why not try to make some of my very own?!

Now I am an avid DIY baker but just so happened to come across this whilst shopping the other day! 

So for easiness and because I have never made them before I thought I'd give them a go. I got out all of my ingredients which included vegetable oil, one medium egg, milk and water. Simples!

The next step was to add the oil, egg and water with the whoopie pie mixture and mix together with a spoon until all bound together.

I then had to evenly place 10  spoonfuls of the mixture on to two baking trays. I did this by greasing the baking trays then placing grease proof paper over the top. Doing this makes it much easier to clean afterwards :). They then had to be left in the oven for around 12 minutes. My oven is a fan oven and was set at 180 degrees. They turned out perfect.

Once out of the oven I then let them cool on a cooling rack and started on the filling. I added the milk to the filling mixture and whisked with an electric whisk for around 3 minutes. It only says 2 on the box but I felt it wasn't firm enough. The mixture should start off extremely runny and end up like this..

Then the fun started! I used a spatula to scoop up even amounts of the filling and pasted it onto on of the whoopie pie halves. I then picked one that looked of equal size and placed it on top and VOILA! Home made whoopie pies!
 I was very impressed with the outcome. However, I do feel baking out of boxes is cheating and takes away 95% of the fun of baking itself (but also very hand if you don't have much time on your hands). So next time I'm going to make them from scratch.

Over all, it was a quick pleasant bake and they were very very scrummy and went down extremely well with the rest of my family!

Has anyone made Whoopie Pies before? Any tips? Or any other favorite recipes you would like to share?? 


  1. These look amazing, I should be banned from the kitchen so I'll force my sister to make these for me ;-) xx

  2. Looks delicious! :)

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  3. Hey im loving your blog! I have awarded you the cute blog award. Check out my blog for details :) xx

  4. Mmmm looks amazing, i could eat one of those rite now :)