Sunday, 22 January 2012

Sunday Swoon....

Hey Guys! Sorry for such a late post. I've been extremely busy with things at work and sorting things out for my new job :).

So each Sunday, as it is a day of rest ;) I have decided to post things that inspire me and things i'm really enjoying at the moment! Hope you enjoy :). Any one else loving the new Maccabees album??  

I'm thinking about treating myself to the dress for my Birthday, it's only 10 days away :O :O. I've currently only seen it on the Top Shop website and the reviews are good and it is.... a perfect length for me being 5''8 and it means I can still sport my huge heels!! (can you see i'm trying to persuade myself here??). I'm also loving the Jeffrey Campbell boots, (you can get them at Office.) They would go so well with the dress and some cute ankle socks. If only I had a money tree?

I'm on the hunt for the new O.P.I exclusive range by Nicki Minaj, the two glittery varnishes look amazing. My local beauty shop always has the limited edition collections in so i'm eagerly  waiting their arrival :) :).

I posted pictures of Mr Ryan Gosling (aah my heart just skipped a beat) because I haven't been able to get him out of my head ever since I watched Blue Valentine on Friday. I absolutely adore him in The Notebook and fell head over heels in love again with him in this film. Basically, it's about how Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams fall in Love and then the dissolution of their marriage. It flicks back and forth between both. It is really heart melting and heart breaking at the same time. Ladies, it is definitively a one to watch snuggled up in bed with a bar of chocolate! Does anyone agree???

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  1. The Jeffery Campbell boots are gorgeous but so expensive <3