Monday, 16 January 2012

My inner man...

First of all I'd like to send my respects to all that have been affected by the Costa Concordia that capsized in Italy a few days ago. Must have been traumatic for all. I worked on board a cruise ship around that size for a short while and I know how much time and effort goes in to staff training. And so it rightly should. But no one can ever prepare you for a real incident no matter how many practice drills you carry out etc. It must have been extremely scary. Lets hope they find the last remaining that are missing, and find them well. 

Today I have had a day off from my retail working life so disgracefully slept in till 11.30 am! Shocking I know but needs must!! I was sat in bed reading till 2am! Going to do a book review soon :). 
I then went Car Shopping with Mother Ginge. I've had it in my head that my current car (Mini) is too expensive to run... I think if i'm being brutally honest, I'm just incredibly bored of it.. something I never thought I would say. My sensible half of my brain swayed towards the Fiat 500. They have a good mpg and are quite cute and girly. They did absolutely nothing for me. The nicest was  the limited edition Gucci Model and even that looks like a toy. 

Swiftly moving on.......

 I have to admit my inner man comes out when it comes to cars. (That's what happens when you grow up with a Dad like mine! Being surrounded by cars and motor sport all my life. Not complaining!) A car has to be sporty, sexy, look insanely good and be well built. I like cars to feel heavy when you drive them if you get what I mean? 
Just as it happens the Citroen garage was over the road... so I go over for a look and fall completely head over heels (and I knew I would) with the DS3. I've always had the hots for them but actually sitting in one and looking at them just blew my mind even more. I now want a nice DS3 falling short of £16,000. So much for opting for a cheaper car. I just can't help myself. I love driving, it's something I adore, it doesn't stress me out, it does the complete opposite. I crave the drive. So why not have an amazing car I can enjoy. If only I had £16,000.... Damn. I don't really want to buy one on finance either, I've always owned my cars and would like to keep it that way. I can always dream can't I ??? 


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